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The Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) Program helps bridge the considerable gap between innovation and commercialization.

This innovative program links research centres of expertise with the business community to share knowledge and resources to bring innovations to market faster.
CECR advances research and facilitate commercialization in four priority areas: environment, natural resources and energy, health and life sciences, and information and communications technologies.


MEDTEQ has recently become a centre of excellence in health and life sciences commercialization and research.


As a CECR, MEDTEQ’s goal is to accelerate commercialization:

– fostering collaboration and partnerships;
– by providing access to equipment and research expertise;
– establishing regional clusters of technological excellence;
– training and mentoring entrepreneurs;
– incubating start-up businesses;
– by offering flexible business models adapted to the needs of each industrial sector;
– by advancing research and adding value to technology;
– providing financial support in the form of microloans and equity investments.

As regards project financing, the programme is aimed at projects whose initial TRL is between TRL 6 and LRT 9.


The establishment of collaborative technology bridgeheads.

Within the framework of the CECR, MEDTEQ has developed a strategy to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative projects in the life sciences.
This strategy is based on bridgeheads that will be resource- and knowledge-based companies, with investments from industry and institutions. In addition to the cluster’s international partners, they will include real world clinicians, administrators, researchers, industry, entrepreneurs and patients.

Collaborative co-funding tools now available:

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