Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of project can MEDTEQ contribute to?

MEDTEQ contributes to research projects with an industrial partnership, in Quebec. These projects cover all types of innovative medical technologies.

2. Can MEDTEQ finance my company?

No. MEDTEQ does not finance companies.

MEDTEQ’s funds are geared towards the lead researchers in academic institutions collaborating to collabortaive research and innovation projetcs.

3. Is MEDTEQ’s funding program a competition?

No. MEDTEQ’s Scientific Committee evaluates each project individually and, if appropriate, recommends them to the Board of Directors for approval. All projects can be approved if they respond to the guidelines and evaluation criteria of MEDTEQ’s Scientific Committee.

4. What are the approval process and success rate of MEDTEQ’s funding program?

Following the reception of your indication of intent, the project team will see if your project could be eligible. If it’s the case, and if all MEDTEQ guidelines are met, you will be asked to fill out a Project Statement form. Once it is complete to the satisfaction of MEDTEQ’s team, it will be submitted to the Scientific Committee which will decide whether to refer the project to the Board of Directors for approval.

As of today, every project submitted to the Scientific Committee has been approved.

You can find more information about MEDTEQ’s guidelines here.

5. What are the evaluation criteria of MEDTEQ’s scientific committee / board of directors?

Industrial partner(s)

  • Implication
  • Maturity
  • Improvement of the industrial partner(s) competitiveness and technological benefits

Academic partner

  • Academic leader experience and his team’s expertise
  • Training of highly qualified staff and the new generation of scientists
  • Collaboration between academic partners


  • Research proposal clarity and realism
  • Validation of proposed TRL
  • Multidisciplinary and intersectorality
  • Medium-to-long-term following partnership potential
  • Other public funding adequacy

Economic dimension

  • International impact
  • Quebec medical technology sector establishment
  • Direct and indirect impact for Quebec economy
  • Quebec research in medical technology positioning improvement

6. What are the deadlines for this Call for Projects?

You can submit an Indication of intent at all times. However, we strongly recommend that you contact MEDTEQ’s project team as soon as you can, in order for our team to help you structure the project in time for our next Scientific Committee’s meeting.

If MEDTEQ considers that a project is not ready for presentation, its evaluation will be reported to the next Committee meeting. The Scientific Committee meets quarterly.

The on going Call for Projects’ deadlines are stated here.

7. What is the waiting time for MEDTEQ’s confirmation of contribution?

You will generally receive confirmation between 4 to 6 weeks of the Project Statement submission deadline.

8. What are the eligible expenses?

Eligible expenses include costs directly related to the project’s realization, including:

  • Salaries, treatments and social advantages
  • Scholarships / student salaries
  • Material, consumables and furniture
  • MEDTEQ’s management fees
  • Professional honoraria (excluding consultants)
  • Travel fees
  • Publishing fees
  • Animal related fees
  • Equipment location

Ineligible expenses:

  • Equipment purchase
  • Expenses incurred by an industrial partner (e.g. salaries, machine-time, etc.) (this is considered an in-kind contribution)
  • Purchase of material from an industrial partner (this is considered an in-kind contribution)
  • Intellectual property preservation fees (e.g. patent)
  • Marketing expenses

9. Can the expenses incurred before a project’s official start be recognized?

Yes. If the Research agreement is signed, the project’s expenses which occurred since MEDTEQ’s Project Statement submission deadline are accepted.


10. Should I be a member of MEDTEQ in order to submit an indication of intent?

Yes. You must be a member of the Consortium. MEDTEQ only works on the structuring of projects of its members. If you are not already a member, once your indication of intent has been received, we will send you a simple membership form. This form must be filled out and sent back to MEDTEQ BEFORE the Project Statement’s deadline.

Note to researchers: if you Research Institution is already a member of MEDTEQ, you also are.

You can check if your Research Institution is a member here.

11. How much are the membership fees?

The price depends on the type of organization. To know the price for your organization, please contact

12. What are MEDTEQ’s membership advantages?

There are a few, details here.

Industrial partners

13. Do I need industrial partners in order to submit an Indication of Intent / have a project with MEDTEQ?

At the stage of the Indication of Intent, it is not mandatory to already have industrial partners on board. However, one or two industrial partners will be required later on for MEDTEQ to authorize the project.

14. Can MEDTEQ help me find a research team or industrial partners?

Yes. MEDTEQ aims at reuniting the complementary skills of both industrial and institutional partners in order to form a research project working team. We will start prospecting within our members’ base and we will widen our search if necessary.

15. What is the minimum number of industrial partners required for MEDTEQ to approve a project?

The number of industrial partners required depends on the technological readiness level of your project (TRL). In general, a low stage research project (TRL 1-3) will require at least two industrial partners while a more advanced project (TRL 4-6) only requires a single industrial partner.

You can find more information about the TRL here.

Other questions

16. Is the information provided to MEDTEQ confidential?

MEDTEQ signs an NDA with all of its members, which protects the information provided. However, once the project is approved and a Research Agreement is signed by all parties, MEDTEQ reserves the right to share the name of the project, the parties involved and the amount of its own financial contribution to the project.

17. My project has been approved by MEDTEQ. What’s next?

Once a project has been approved by its Board of Directors, MEDTEQ will help you with the previously chosen co-funding program application. After the confirmation of the co-funding, MEDTEQ will perform a biannual follow up via meetings with the lead researcher and industrial partner(s).