MEDTEQ General Meeting of Members 2018

Our General Meeting of Members (GMM) occurred on June 19th at the Optech Center. Many representatives from more than 50 MEDTEQ members attended this event.

The General Meeting of Members is the occasion to assess our results for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, which ended on a very positive outcome! Our community of members had indeed increased to 137 members on 2018, March 31st.

We presented our results and announced MEDTEQ next steps in project management, event management and communications. Lots of changes are to come!


Our team has welcomed 8 new resources:

  • Frédéric Boucher, Vice-President finances
  • Robert Ritlop, Director of Investments
  • Maryam Erfani, Administrative Assistant
  • Sylvie Lau, Project Manager
  • Djazia Liamini, R&D MEDTEQ-Institut TransMedTech Projects Manager
  • Meryeme Lahmami, Business development, Project Manager
  • Natasha Brachet, Events Coordinator
  • Jennifer Hatoum, Communications Advisor


Read our 2017-2018 activities report (French version).


Seven Members’ minute allowed seven of new members to introduce their company in front of the assembly :


The GMM included a very convivial lunchtime networking session, followed by the MEDTEQ visit of the Optech Center.


Contact us to attend our next MEDTEQ visit:

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