Connected health for transplant patients


Knowing that cardiovascular disease is an important cause of death after transplant and that physical exercise makes it possible to improve it, the development of a telecare model, integrating remote monitoring of patients using connected objects and patients guides it is now offered.

This project called “TRANSPANT-ACTION CONNECTÉE (TAC-tio)” is intended for CHUM patients newly transplanted into the liver or kidney so that they can follow a personalized physical training program. It allows caregivers to better adjust the training plan to the patient’s physical condition and allows patients to follow the impact on their clinical data. Thanks to the “Tactio Patient” application and the “Tactio Care” clinical portal, patients will be able to access their patient care plan, including the training program, and will be able to follow the impact of its implementation thanks to collecting clinical data from connected medical devices or by manual data entry.

This remote monitoring makes it possible to collect a set of structured data allowing possible assistance by artificial intelligence. In addition, this project will identify the conditions for success to ensure that the gains hoped for by this telecare model are achieved and will assess the value of the model in terms of cardiovascular clinical indicators, costs for the health system, acceptability, and ‘ethical and legal issues. This project is part of Quebec’s digital strategy, which aims to ensure that 100% of citizens can interact digitally with professionals within five years.