Attentional index for neurodevelopmental disorders - validation


Attention deficit contributes significantly to the impact of neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, autism) in daily life. It affects learning, autonomy in daily life and social relationships. It is currently impossible to measure this deficit in real situations during daily life activities. The level of attention can only be measured in a very approximate and subjective way by questionnaires or observation.

NeuroServo has created an electrophysiological measurement of the attention under the form of a practical portable device; the attention measure will be accessible via a mobile application while the child is wearing the cap during daily activities. The quality of the signal has been confirmed in previous studies and an index has been developed to best reflect the attentional state based on scientific knowledge and several tests.

Such a measure is of great potential interest to assess the attention deficit but also for the patient’s follow-up and the evaluation of new intervention; for example NeuroServo could be used to assess the response to medication and the follow-up of dose adjustments.

The objective of our project is to demonstrate the validity of the NeuroServo measurement® and explore its relevance when used in children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders;

  1. by comparing the attention’s measurement with benchmark tests
  2. by integrating the electrophysiological measurement in the context of clinical care, in medication dose adjustments.

This project will help to acquire a solid scientific basis to support an innovative tool and advance care for young people with neurodevelopmental disorders.