Evaluation of the implementation of electronic clinical documentation and electronic prescribing in a Quebec health care institution


The implementation of an electronic medical clinical record (EMR) in health establishments is a high priority project in most countries and particularly in Quebec with the objective of improving the quality of care and reducing health costs. Currently, CHU Sainte-Justine is in the process of simultaneously implementing electronic clinical documentation (nurse, doctor, professionals) and computerization of the drug and non-drug prescription circuit (care, infusions, monitoring, laboratories, radiology ,…), two interdependent processes. With the help of FSISSS fundings, we assess the implementation process (before-after design) and measure the benefits for the patient and hospital management in terms of, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these innovations. This approach is part of the development of a Quebec learning health system where the innovations made in one of its establishments serve the entire community of practice. To date, we have carried out the pre-implantation assessment and highlighted the expectations of caregivers and administrative staff.