Evaluation of the implementation of the DXA application: a tool to automate the patient questionnaire in the emergency room


In 2016, the Ministry of Health made reducing wait time in emergency rooms a priority following a report indicating that Quebec had the longest wait times in the developed world.

The proposed project is an evaluation study in a live environment of a triage and diagnostic application (DXA) for emergency care. DXA is a tool designed to facilitate the diagnostic process and assist in triage by simplifying urgent primary care encounters. This application is patient-centered and facilitates the transmission of important information throughout the meeting process between medical staff and patients. DXA allows the automation and systematization of the initial medical questionnaire. The application was designed by physicians to address gaps in initial contact with patients during an emergency room visit (lack of time, productivity pressure, etc.). It is not a simple symptom checker, but a dynamic questionnaire with a knowledge base of more than 550 pathologies. The objective of the tool is to secure triage, improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce the average length of stay in the emergency department, and reduce the use of medical tests/investigations without specific indications. Ultimately, DXA’s goal will be to increase the efficiency and above all the quality and safety of care to enable better patient outcomes.