Remote Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Diseases with a Smat Clothing Enabled by Telemetry


This project aims to increase the Hexoskin smart clothing competitiveness and access to new international health market segments. Hexoskin adheres to the highest standards for privacy and data security and aims to achieve the HITRUST certification. This certification is a common security framework that will allow Hexoskin to facilitate the adoption and deployment of its solutions by reassuring patients and healthcare professionals of its ability to manage security risks and data breaches. The pandemic has also highlighted the need to track patients by reducing contacts and costly admissions to protect healthcare professionals and patients. Hexoskin also aims to add telemetry capabilities for remote real-time monitoring of chronic disease patients with continuous data reporting and alert system to clinicians and healthcare staff. Obtaining a 510 (k) certification from the FDA for Mobile Cardiac Telemetry will enable Hexoskin to consolidate its position and competitiveness in the connected health objects landscape against less efficient and incomplete solutions in cardiology and pulmonology. Hexoskin will be able to further penetrate the healthcare market with a unique and affordable solution comprising a set of cardiac and respiratory sensors capable of contextualizing data according to physical activity for the continuous monitoring of chronic & complex conditions. Since chronic diseases are difficult to heal, Hexoskin can support the management of patients living with one or more chronic conditions and provide relevant data to support healthcare professionals in adapting care plans based on the evolution of the conditions.