AIXPERT Healthcare

Scaling and Adoption for AI-based Medtech Ventures in Canada’s Health Supply Chains. 

Program description

The AIXPERT-Healthcare Program is a Scaling and Adoption Program for AI-based Medtech Ventures that integrate, and often disrupt, Canada’s health supply chains. This partnership between MEDTEQ+ and SCALE AI aims to support Digital-Health and AI-based ventures that have reached a sufficiently high stage of development of their technology platform and are targeting adoption sites.

A flexible program, addressing the innovation, commercialization, legal and data  management challenges, and adapting to each start-ups/SMEs’ degree of maturity. The program will build on the different MEDTEQ+ initiatives and programs (AIM, Beachhead, Grants) and go further to support AI-based ventures in their specific challenges to enter successfully the healthcare supply chain. The services to ventures are to be delivered through interactive coaching and working sessions with experts from MEDTEQ+ and external specialists.


The MEDTEQ+ / SCALE AI Program aims to support the deployment of AI-based Medtech ventures, that have reached or are approaching TRL 6, and to guide the integration of their potentially disruptive digital and intelligent health tools and methodologies in the healthcare sector. These ventures need to put in place the right ecosystem of players around their projects to reach all commercialization and adoption milestones, and achieve the desired improvements across the supply chain :

  1. better assess the stage of population wellness and better predict the demand for health care (Resource and Capacity Planning upstream of supply chain);
  2. better screen the various types of patients in order to predict and develop custom and adapted health treatment (Specialized Demand Forecasting and Product planning);
  3. )create/invent new treatments, that are more effective, and offered in a personalized way, with an accent put on the early detection and preventive treatment of health problems.

By interacting with various experts, AI-based Medtech Ventures will have in hand, at the end of the Program, a defined clinical/market adoption strategy including the way to generate the evidence data needed and a funding strategy. For the most mature ones, a clinical integration in one of the MEDTEQ Beachhead™ sites and initial traction for larger scale funding are amongst the planned benefits of the Program.


Program steps

PHASE I: Individual meetings and working sessions – Context, innovation maturity diagnosis, company profile, mission, vision, challenges, needs.

  • Step 1: Preliminary analysis of innovation platform,  organizational capabilities, technology maturity, market readiness and accompaniment needs

PHASE II: Access to Experts – (supply chain (health), regulatory, AI, data management, privacy and security), impact on Business models, AI and logistics challenges and vision, Tech strategy, Regulations, impact on R&D plan and commercial potential, impact on business plan

  • Step 2: Accompaniment plan and matching with specific expertise (R&D management, regulation, licensing, Data management, etc.)
  • Step  3: Expert advise, coaching sessions and accompaniment – Elaboration of an overall action plan  with milestones, and project portfolio towards the propulsion of growth of AI-Based Medtech ventures and healthcare supply chain value creation

PHASE III: Interactive workshops on market entry/integration strategy with MEDTEQ+ and  BeachHead™ network program , and connections to relevant players in the Healthcare supply chain and founding sources.

  • Step 4 (workshops) :Discuss projects, define and classify future activities  and milestones, in accordance with the strategic priorities and MEDTEQ+ offering

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