The call for proposals aims to support entrepreneurship by strengthening the innovation system and expertise in medical technology assessment and health intelligence in Quebec.

Objectives of the call for proposals

  • Promote and accelerate the growth of innovative Quebec companies in the field of medical technologies and AI in life sciences and demonstrate the value of their innovations for local and international health systems;
  • Consolidate Quebec’s expertise in health technology assessment, particularly in the context of real care;
  • Increase the capacity of institutions to meet the needs of industry with an economic and societal focus;
  • Promote the dissemination of new knowledge and new practices in the evaluation of innovations;
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in life sciences;
  • Develop and deploy a catalogue of services necessary for the development and maturation of innovations in medical technologies and AI in health.

Eligible clients

Specialized teams/units or directorates with expertise in the evaluation of health innovations in institutions in the Quebec health and social services network.

Eligible proposals

To be eligible, proposals must meet the following characteristics:

  • Be relevant to the objectives of the call;
  • Deploy or consolidate a dedicated team of experts within a period of 18 to 24 months;
  • Demonstrate stakeholder support (industry, health facility management and directorates/departments)

Overview of the program

  • This is a competition;
  • Maximum funding of $750,000 per project over 2 years;
  • MEI contribution can cover up to 80% of eligible expenses;
  • Co-funding of up to 20% may include financial or in-kind contributions from the institution.

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