Development of methodologies to support precisionmedicine for musculoskeletal disorders


Musculoskeletal problems affect a large part of the population and the costs to the health care system are extremely high. To support the clinician in his process of improving the safety and effectiveness of medical treatment, this project aims to design and develop a technological platform to support precision medicine for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In this project, the patient and his characteristics are at the heart of the development of innovative approaches that will allow us to automatically access the 3D / 4D anatomy of the joints targeted by our project and the numerous associated anatomo-geometric and functional measurements, and this , significantly minimizing patient exposure to X-rays. The aim of the ambitious project is to be able to co-design and validate with our clinical and industrial partners medical devices adapted to each patient, more specifically knee orthoses and ankle as well as surgical instrumentation for the spine, thanks to biomechanical modeling approaches integrating patient-specific data from images and models.