Implementation of telerehabilitation as an innovative modality for monitoring patients on the waiting list of the CIUSSS Estrie-CHUS physiotherapy outpatient clinic at the Fleurimont site


The rehabilitation service offered by the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Estrie – Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS) is carried out in an outpatient clinic. However, the demand for services far exceeds the demand, so that the delay before being taking in charge is very long, especially for patients with non-urgent conditions. The objective of this project is to compare a follow-up by a physiotherapist one month after the preliminary assessment of the patient, using either tele-rehabilitation, an application of information technology, or by making a phone call. These systematic follow-ups are implemented with the aim of reducing the time taken before receiving rehabilitation services, and thereby the length of the waiting list. We assume that the innovative aspect of using a technology allowing a synchronous audio and visual link versus a simple phone call will allow the physiotherapist to better understand the patient’s condition in order to make, if necessary, the necessary adjustments to the exercises, give instructions on pain management or educate. Telerehabilitation would therefore ultimately increase the quality of patient follow-up and relieve the waiting list, which can be quantified by a better rate of closing files without requiring an appointment in person at the clinic thereafter.