Improving practices and patient safety through the optimal use of care methods integrated into the computerized clinical record by nurses


Nursing care methods (NCM) provides documentation of the current best nursing practice. Evaluation of the use of NCM, impact on care and associated costs is a priority for the CHU de Québec.
Document the use of NCM’s, evaluate the impact of their use on health care safety, and evaluate the direct and indirect costs associated with NCM’s and their impacts.
Mixed research design, integrating the findings from a qualitative study of the experience of using the computerized NCM system. On the quantitative side, a prospective observational study, a time-motion study, a compliance analysis of practices, and an economic analysis will be realized.
Several benefits to using NCM, including reducing errors, improving care and patient experience, speeding up access to information, and reducing costs. However, in the absence of evaluation of the use of NCM and their impact, these benefits are poorly documented.