Optimization of care trajectories in surgery at the CHUM: evaluation of the implementation of the ERAS approach in gynaecology/gynaeco-oncology


ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) is a model-of-care that uses the latest scientific evidence to establish perioperative protocols. It has been shown to reduce post-operative complications by up to 30% and length of stay by 50%. One of the pillars of this performance-oriented model is the audit process. ERAS was implemented on the gynecology / gynecologic oncology unit at the CHUM in March 2018. In order to ensure compliance of the health care team with this new model, the online platform EIAS (ERAS Interactive Audit System) was introduced.
1. Measure the impact of the ERAS program on the quality and the security of the care received by the patients, as well as their experience, by generating data (EIAS)
2. Identify the factors needed for the successful implementation and continued application of the ERAS program
3. Analyze the economic impact of the ERAS program
4. Produce recommendations aimed at facilitating the diffusion of the ERAS model to other surgical subspecialities at the CHUM and our RSSS partners

This qualitative and quantitative study will analyze the implementation process, and the clinical and the economic impact of ERAS at the CHUM. The data will be extracted from the EIAS as well as interviews and questionnaires with the patients and the health care team members.

Benefits will be seen with regard to the clinical outcomes, the patients, and the efficacy of the care and services provided at the CHUM and at the RSSS level.