Scoliosis correction by modulating growth using the Scoli-tether implant


The SCOLI-TETHER is a system of surgical implants allowing the correction of idiopathic scoliosis over time. The vertebral implants are made up of screws, stop nuts and a tensioning cable. The surgical technique exploits the growth of the adolescent and consists of instrumenting (from the side) certain vertebrae by connecting them with a cable along the scoliotic deformation. The live cable will limit the growth of the bent area. The opposite side, not instrumented, can evolve and grow normally. A straightening effect will occur over time and thereby correct scoliosis. On the one hand, during surgery, this innovation is minimally invasive compared to existing procedures, and on the other hand, the implant, helps correct scoliosis by exploiting the growth of the adolescent to straighten the spine without the fusion of the vertebrae. The first benefit reduces the number of hospital days and allows the patient to return to their regular activities after 1 week of rehabilitation instead of 6, and the second benefit should limit future complications. The proposed MEDTEQ project will be a Canadian multisite clinical validation with 18 to 23 patients, in order to submit a dossier to the FDA for the commercialization of this new technology.