Towards the future of football helmets exceeding highest protection standards from customer specific design to 3D printing


We are now aware of the chronic mental and health problem related to concussions, especially for American football players, who sustain repetitive blows to the head. Faced with this major challenge, the NFL has recently launched an international contest to foster the development of the best protective football helmet on the earth and reduce the risk of brain injuries. Through this project, we aim at designing football helmets with a better protective mechanism. We believe that we can bring innovation in helmet design by combining the expertise of academic researchers with several innovative, Montréal-based companies. Advancement in 3D scanning and virtual design will allow us to design custom-fit helmets, while 3D printing will enable the production of new padding with complex architecture and promising mechanical properties. Finally, virtual testing using the finite element methods will help us compare a very large number of helmet designs, and accelerate the optimization of the helmet shape and protective structures. This innovation will deliver better sports equipment and reduce head injuries, while boosting the industrial revolution of 3D printing in Montreal.