Aifred Health is a digital health company created in August 2017 and specializes in clinical decision support for the treatment of mental health problems, starting with depression.


Densitas pushes the boundaries of breast cancer screening by providing personalized patient care for sustainable care and better outcomes. Densitas develops advanced imaging technologies powered by machine learning to produce actionable test results that greatly improve healthcare management.


MIMs (My Intelligent Machines) help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agro-technology companies analyze a staggering amount of genomic, clinical or phenotypic and environmental megadata. It also helps them leverage systems biology and machine learning to develop more efficient, customized and environmentally friendly medical and agricultural practices.


My01 manufactures a digital medical device that helps diagnose acute compartment syndrome (ALS), a problem that usually follows trauma to an overused muscle. ALS occurs when the rise in intramuscular pressure exceeds the blood pressure in the surrounding tissues and interferes with the vascularization of the affected muscles.


Optina Diagnostics is dedicated to the development of a technology for screening diseases by hyperspectral imaging of the retina. Optina Diagnostics is applying advances in artificial intelligence to the detection of biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.


Rna Diagnostics is a cancer diagnostics company that is building a predictive biomarker platform to improve the lives of cancer patients. Founded in 2010, Rna Diagnostics’ platform technology is RNA Disruption Assay™.


Saccade Analytique develops specialized medical software that revolutionizes the diagnosis of concussions, vestibular disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.


Spinologics is a Montreal-based medical device manufacturer founded in 2011 and is comprised of leading Canadian orthopaedic surgeons, biomechanical doctors and engineers. Spinologics is dedicated to the development of spinal care products and specializes in biomechanical simulations to optimize the design and performance of medical devices.


Spring Loaded Technology is an award-winning company that uses bionics to restore mobility. The company manufactures the world’s first bionic knee braces that are both compact and robust and incorporate patented fluid-compression shock absorber technology. Spring Loaded splints are the only ones on the market designed to reduce pressure in the knee while increasing muscle strength to relieve pain and improve mobility for people with arthritis and knee injuries.


THORASYS is a Montreal-based medical device manufacturer in operation since 2013. THORASYS uses its proprietary technology and numerous patents to revolutionize pulmonary medicine by offering portable and user-friendly devices for the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary function. These devices provide valuable clinical information on a range of patients from infants to the elderly in a multitude of settings such as pulmonary function testing laboratories, physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities and even patients’ homes.