Aifred Health is a digital health company founded in August 2017 and specializes in clinical decision support for the treatment of mental health problems, starting with depression.


Densitas is moving the needle in breast cancer screening through tailored patient management for sustainable healthcare service delivery and improved outcomes. Densitas develops advanced breast imaging analytics technologies powered by machine learning with the goal to deliver on-demand actionable insights that improve the quality of breast health management.


MIMs (My Intelligent Machines) is helping Pharma, Biotech and Agritech companies to analyze their massive “fat” genomic, clinical/phenotypical and environmental data and to leverage systems biology and machine learning to develop more efficient, personalized and eco-responsible medicine and agriculture.


My01 makes a digital medical device that aids in the diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome (ACS). ACS occurs when muscle swelling exceeds blood pressure in surrounding tissue and cuts off blood supply to affected muscles, usually following high-energy trauma incidents.


Optina Diagnostics is focused on the development of technology for the early detection of diseases through hyperspectral imaging of the retina. Optina Diagnostics brings an AI approach to biomarker detection with its first application in support to the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.


Rna Diagnostics is a cancer diagnostics company building a platform of predictive biomarkers to improve the lives of cancer patients. Founded in 2010, Rna Diagnostics’ platform technology is the RNA Disruption Assay™.


Saccade Analytics develops specialized medical software that revolutionizes the way doctors diagnose concussion, dizziness, and neuro-degenerative diseases.


Spinologics is a Montreal-based medical device company founded in 2011. Composed of leading Canadian orthopedic surgeons, biomechanical Ph.D.’s and engineers, Spinologics focusses on developing improved spinal care products and specializes in biomechanical simulations to optimize medical devices design and performance.


Spring Loaded Technology is an award-winning company focused on mobility-restoring bionics. The company incorporates patented liquid spring technology into the world’s first compact and powerful bionic knee braces. Spring Loaded braces are the only ones on the market designed to reduce pressure throughout the knee while enhancing strength to alleviate pain and improve mobility for people with knee arthritis and injuries.


THORASYS is a Montreal-based medical device start-up that has been operating since 2013. Using proprietary technology and a strong IP base, THORASYS aim to revolutionize pulmonary medicine by offering portable, easy-to-use devices for lung function screening, diagnostics and monitoring that provide clinically relevant information in patients ranging from newborn to the elderly, and in settings ranging from Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) labs to doctor’s offices, point-of-care and ultimately the patient’s home.