12-H Development of new pharmacological agents for optimization of stem cells and organs to enhance the clinical outcome of regenerative medicine and transplantation procedures


The project involves development and testing of novel molecules that are used to improve cell and organ function for the clinical optimization of regenerative medicine and transplantation outcomes. Two categories of conditioning treatments are proposed: 1) a stem cell ‘pharmaco-optimization’ product capable of increasing cell viability, retention and therapeutic effectiveness to be used in patients with heart failure or liver dysfunction, and 2) an organ ‘re/conditioning’ product capable of protecting and repairing various organs, namely lungs and livers, from damages caused by ischemia or inflammation, as well as during the isolation and manufacturing process of hepatocytes and progenitor cells destined for human transplantation. The multidisciplinary research team has a proven track record for innovation and the academic-industry partnerships herein will translate important research developments and plus value to the clinic while generating novel IP, creating and maintaining high quality jobs in Quebec and producing significant economic impact.