Traceability of diagnostic samples in the OPTILAB Montréal-CHUM's network


The OPTILAB Montréal-CHUM cluster brings together 10 medical biology laboratories located on the Island of Montreal that offer a wide variety of biological analysis services to the entire population of Quebec. Their mission is to issue quality results for diagnostic purposes to patients.

Currently laboratories are unable to adequately and fully compile each environmental parameter during the transit of packages. They cannot therefore address and identify with certainty an event causing a transport-related non-conformity with each sample, therefore with a potential impact on the laboratory results for our customers and our patients.

ATEK offers an innovative traceability solution through its versatility and the possibility of deployment at no additional cost to all of our customers, even outside our cluster.

This project will assess over a two-year period the impact of the implementation of the solution for tracing samples in transit to laboratories and the integration of technological tools such as mobile RFID and geolocation, and will in particular allow facilitate the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Respond quickly to standards and requirements established by regulatory bodies
  • Optimize overall efficiency while improving the integrity of the quality of patient results
  • Offer better service while protecting the organization and the patient