Tool MATCH to mobilize elderly persons during hospitalization to prevent functional iatrogenic decline


Bed rest linked to hospitalization contributes to the decline in the physical capacities of the elderly and to an accelerated loss of autonomy in post-hospitalization. Mobilization through physical activity (PA) programs is strongly suggested to counter this phenomenon, but it is not part of current clinical hospital practices. The reasons cited by clinicians and managers are the lack of familiarity with these interventions and the anticipated challenges in terms of allocating the required human resources.

It is to overcome these barriers and to respond to several ministerial policies affecting eldercare, including “The adapted healthcare approach for the older adults in Quebec Hospital Centre” (AAPA), that the tool MATCH was created which consists of a systematic process of daily PA prescription, adapted to the clinical profile of hospitalized patients. This tool is based on the completion of a pilot study in Geriatric Assessment Unit (GAU) which has demonstrated its feasibility for prescribing and implementing PA programs during hospitalization. However, its generalizability requires the validation of its impact and its cost-effectiveness.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Confirm the feasibility, usability and acceptability of the tool MATCH for the establishment, the patient and the caregiver;
  2. Measure the effects on the patient’s physical health and quality of life;
  3. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of its implementation;
  4. Produce a web application of the tool to facilitate its access and use by mobile technologies.