Adaptation of the Discutons Santé website for consultations in the context of walk-in, emergency and specialized clinics: Implementation at the CISSS Laval


The quality of the communication and the way in which patients and caregivers interact play a central role in the optimal management of patients’ illness. An empowered patient participate more actively during the consultations, retains more the information discussed and has a greater adhesion to the medical recommendations. One way to develop autonomy patient autonomy is to prepare for medical appointments. The Website Discutons Santé (, accessible freely, provides patients with communication tools and help with preparing for medical appointments to support patient-caregiver partnership. This site was developed by the Primary Care Research Team of the CISSS de Laval, in collaboration with Capsana (, for patients with chronic diseases requiring follow-up with a family doctor. This project aims:

  1. to adapt Discutons Santé website to fit the needs of patients consulting in a waiting clinic, the emergency department or a specialized clinic (oncology, cardiology, pain management and mental health) of the CISSS de Laval;
  2. to implement the use of Discutons Santé in the selected clinics;
  3. to evaluate the implementation.

The preparation of patients consulting a caregiver and their active participation in the consultation process and their care will contribute to the efficiency of the consultations and to the improvement of the quality.