Web-based transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioural therapy for anxiety and depressive disorders in primary care: A feasibility study of a pragmatic randomized trial


Anxiety and depressive disorders are the most common mental disorders in Quebec. While there are effective medication and psychotherapy for these disorders, less than one in two people have access to them in our health care system. Cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most evidence-based psychotherapy for anxiety and depressive disorders, but it is not widely available in Quebec. A research team in Australia has developed an innovative CBT program that could improve access to CBT. The “This Way Up” program is an internet-based psychological intervention for mixed anxiety and depressive disorders that could be “prescribed” by family doctors in primary care. This study assesses the feasibility of integrating the six-module “This Way Up” program in Family Medicine Groups (FMGs) in Quebec and examines the acceptability of this organizational innovation with family doctors and patients. The rigorous evaluation of this intervention will help guide informed decision-making regarding the integration of this program in primary care, which could improve access to CBT for a large number of patients with anxiety and depressive disorders who are not currently receiving evidenced-based psychotherapy.