AI-powered multi-omic signature discovery for precision care of patients with Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases (CRCLM)


Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in Canadians with liver metastases being the major cause of death from this disease. Three distinct histological growth pattern of colon cancer liver metastases have been described that affect patients’ prognosis. Dr. Metrakos and his colleagues are using artificial intelligence-based tools to develop a multi-modality signature, based on blood test analysis, to identify Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases (CRCLM) patients who will 1) respond to Angiogenic Inhibitor-based therapies and 2) monitor the development of drug resistance (non-responders). It is expected that this knowledge will lead to optimization of current treatment strategies, a precision therapy approach to the management of metastatic disease and cost savings for the Health care system.