MY01 - Montreal Pilot Clinical Trial


Nxtsens Microsystems Inc., a medical device startup based in Montreal, Quebec, is launching a pilot clinical trial of its flagship diagnostic device, MY01. Two Montreal-based sites are participating in the study: the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) and the Sacré-Coeur Hospital, with 50 total patients expected to be enrolled. MY01 is a pressure-sensing diagnostic tool intended to aid in the diagnosis of Acute Compartment Syndrome (ACS), a rare but severe complication of high-energy trauma injuries. ACS is
characterized by significant muscle swelling, resulting in a lack of blood flow to affected muscles. If left undiagnosed for over 12 hours, ACS can result in permanent muscle damage, limb amputation, or death. MY01 senses muscle swelling by providing continuous and accurate pressure measurements, thus empowering clinicians to make timely diagnoses.