Implementation of the Barometer tool at the Centre de réadaptation de l'Estrie of the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et services sociaux de l'Estrie - Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke


The management of the mental health lodging service of the Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de l’Estrie (CRDE) and the workers working there wish to strengthen their recovery-oriented practices. To achieve this, we are implementing a technological platform called Barometre.
The Institut universitaire de première ligne en santé et services sociaux of the CIUSSS of Estrie – CHUS developed and tested the Barometre platform. It consists of a collaborative and interactive digital intervention tool. Centered on the approach of recovery, it aims to value the strengths and progress of the person in his community and to appreciate the evolution of the quality of life.

The objective of the project is to implement the digital Barometre platform in a real context of practice and to evaluate it in order to:
1) identify the success factors for its implementation and its large-scale use
2) measure its effects on:
a) the quality of care and services, in particular its influence to support the recovery process and the improvement of practitioners’ practices,
b) improving information continuity and support and
c) improving the efficiency of the care and services provided.