Optimization of the inter-facility trajectory of care in thoracic surgery


This project focuses on optimizing the trajectory of care and services in thoracic surgery and is based on real needs expressed by the members of the interdisciplinary teams of the MUHC (referral center) and the CISSSO (affiliated center). As a referral center, the MUHC benefits from a supra-regional team and leading-edge expertise in oncology and non-oncology cases. The MUHC performs more than 200 surgeries each year for CISSSO patients. This trajectory of care and services does not currently possess any integrated technological tools to optimally and securely ensure the flow of communications, the transmission of documents and the coordination and monitoring of services. The project therefore provides for the use of an integrating technological tool, known to Telehealth, and for which certain developments will facilitate accessibility, security, integration and the quality of services and care.
The success of coordination and support of patients will improve the management of their inter-establishment care and may contribute to a more significant improvement in their health. In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency of the trajectory of care and services in thoracic surgery will be improved, as well as better use of resources. The impact of this initiative will also strongly influence other inter-establishment trajectories for all Quebec establishments.