Optimization of the clinical integration of a CT on rails in the abdominal radiotherapy treatment room


The CHUM acquired a Ct-on-rails scanner which was installed in a radiotherapy treatment room facing a linear accelerator. We therefore combine a diagnostic imaging device with a radiotherapy treatment device. The combination of these two advanced technologies is very non-standard and particularly innovative; there are probably fewer than 10 centers worldwide that offer this combination in an integrated room. The objective of this acquisition is to allow visualization of the treatment site with diagnostic quality images while the patient is lying on the table in the treatment position, ready to be treated once the table is rotated. Taking images informs the clinical team how much displacement is needed to get the patient into the optimal treatment position. The clinical integration of the two devices is not easy since there is no commercial solution for the two devices to communicate. The objective of the project is to integrate, validate and optimize this unique combination of devices, with the aim of offering better quality treatments without however extending the duration of a treatment session.