Innovating for better care: Developing a practice guideline for integrating physical activity into the care of patients diagnosed with cancer


Existing scientific evidence shows that physical activity (PA) i) can be performed safely following a cancer diagnosis before, during, and after active treatments, and ii) results in numerous benefits for physical and psychological health. Limited « pragmatic » research exists which pertains to the best strategies to integrate PA into the trajectory of care and follow-up of oncology patients. Inspired by an initiative conducted by the FONDATION VIRAGE of the CHUM that offers group-based PA programs to oncology patients as well as scientific evidence, we propose to transform this initiative into a larger scale organisational innovation by identifying the best strategies, facilitators and barriers to the integration of PA in the trajectory of care and follow-up of patients diagnosed with cancer by conducting interviews with health professionals, policy-makers, managers and patients. From the medical records of patients (n ≈ 500) having participated in Fondation Virage PA programs since 2013, we will synthesize benefits as recorded by kinesiologists. Results will be integrated to elaborate a practice guide that meets the requirements of the Institut national d’excellence en santé et services sociaux (INESSS). Tools to disseminate the guide and to promote PA among persons diagnosed with cancer will also be developed. This project will allow for filling one gap between current knowledge and the integration of organisational innovations in health systems.