MEDTEQ+ celebrates 10 years of health innovation

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the pan-Canadian consortium for industrial research and innovation in medical technologies, MEDTEQ+, organized an exceptional day of celebration to bring together its network and highlight 10 years of impact within the health ecosystem.

MEDTEQ+, 10 years of impact

In front of more than 120 people and following the General Assembly of members, Diane Côté, President and CEO of MEDTEQ+, drew up a remarkable balance sheet of the last 10 years. Between 2012 and 2022, the consortium has positioned itself as a leader in the medical technology sector, now reaching 50% of SMEs and nearly 40% of Quebec companies in this sector. Through its collaborative programs and services, MEDTEQ+ has contributed to the development of more than 200 innovation projects in Canada, supporting the recruitment or retention of 1,795 jobs and 681 student positions. MEDTEQ+ also invested in 21 companies through the creation of MEDTEQ Invest. The impact figures presented at the celebration testify to the important contribution of MEDTEQ+ in the health technology sector and the economic spin-offs generated by its projects. This success was highlighted by Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, in a video addressed to the MEDTEQ+ community.

MEDTEQ+ team and governance honoured

Experienced and multidisciplinary, the MEDTEQ+ team is one of the assets of the consortium’s success. The diversity and growth of MEDTEQ+ projects over the past 10 years is a testament to the team’s exceptional work. MEDTEQ+ took the opportunity to thank them for their achievements.

In addition to the team, the dedication and motivation of MEDTEQ+‘s governance have contributed to its widespread influence as a leader in the sector since its creation. The Board of Directors and the three committees (Scientific and Industrial Relevance Assessment Committee – SIRC, Beachhead Committee and Investment Committee) represent some thirty recognized professionals in the health and technology field. Members who work on a daily basis to maximize the chances of success of companies in their innovation projects and to whom the consortium paid tribute during a celebratory lunch. MEDTEQ+ took this opportunity to underline their loyalty and longstanding dedication, particularly that of the members who have been with the consortium for 10 years: Jacques Milette, François Bastien, Geneviève Lavertu, Fabrice Brunet, Mathieu Ferland, Roger Lecomte and Stéphane Moreau.

Thank you to the MEDTEQ+ community

With over 200 members and 27 partners, the MEDTEQ+ ecosystem is built around excellence and collaboration. A celebratory cocktail, bringing together people from the medical technology and health sector, including government representatives, partners, academic and industrial members of MEDTEQ+, highlighted the vitality of the ecosystem. MEDTEQ+ would like to thank this vibrant and innovative community for their continuous efforts towards the health of tomorrow.

A promising future

The health technology sector benefits from a favourable environment at both the provincial and federal levels with new challenges to come such as the lack of manpower, the explosion of chronic diseases and mental illnesses or the aging of the population. MEDTEQ+ is already preparing for these challenges with the support of the Quebec government through the Quebec Life Sciences Strategy 2022-2025 (QLS) and the Quebec Research and Innovation Investment Strategy 2022-2027 and the support of the Government of Canada through the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program.