Program description


To be successful, your SME must quickly explore international markets. Especially in the medtech sector, you need to know as soon as possible the process of refunding your products/services in the countries you are targeting, the challenges of licensing, distribution or setting up their business activities abroad.

To facilitate your internationalization, the MEDTEQ Exchange Program will allow you to explore your target market through a network of foreign partners.

MEDTEQ Exchange allows SMEs:

  • Establish a relationship with regulators, customers and potential partners
  • Access to MEDTEQ’s dilutive and non-dilutive financing programs
  • Access to mentors and talents from Centech, CTS and the McGill Surgical Innovation Program
  • Media exposure as a winner of the program


This program is intended for health technology SMEs with an advanced prototype and looking for:

  • Country specific clinical guidelines for data collection
  • Manufacturers and distributors in the target market

Program steps

Apply to our program and choose your destination

Enjoy a business trip to your chosen destination. We will cover travel expenses up to a maximum of $5,000

Access a network of local ecosystem partners in your target country to prepare your validation study

Discover trends and explore new business opportunities

Apply to the program

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