Program description

Beachhead™ is a partnership between a center of clinical excellence and companies to accelerate the adoption of value-based innovations. This collaborative adoption includes a real-time evaluation of collaborative care between patients, researchers, clinicians, health administrators, governments and industry, using a clear and accelerated process.

The Beachhead™ centers form a network that shares evaluation processes, best certified technologies within the network, and best training practices to improve technology implementation while increasing each participant’s visibility.


The Beachhead™ network

For investors

  • Investment risk control
  • Familiarization with the development and commercialization of medical technologies

For excellence centers

  • Privileged access to the best medical technologies, based on their measured value
  • Strengthening the reputation of the clinical center of excellence for innovation and innovation integration

Le réseau Beachhead™

o   Center: CHUM

o   Expertise: Artificial intelligence

o   Center: CUSM

o   Expertise: Surgical innovation

o   Center: CHU de Québec-Université Laval

o   Expertise: Customised implants and human performance

o   Center: Douglas / Neuro /

o   Expertise: Neuroscience, neurological diseases and mental health

o   Center: Ottawa Hospital

o   Expertise: Digital Health

o   Center: Vancouver General Hospital

o   Expertise: Emergency medicine and artificial intelligence

o   Centre : CIUSSS de l’Est de l’ïle de Montréal

o   Expertise : Vieillissement et santé mentale

Ottawa Hospital

o   Centre : Hôpital d’Ottawa

o   Expertise : Santé numérique

Alberta Stroke & Neuroinformatics

o   Center: Alberta Health Services

o   Expertise: Neurology and stroke

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