Program description

Beachhead™ is a partnership between a center of clinical excellence and companies to accelerate the adoption of value-based innovations. This collaborative adoption includes a real-time evaluation of collaborative care between patients, researchers, clinicians, health administrators, governments and industry, using a clear and accelerated process.

The Beachhead™ centers form a network that shares evaluation processes, best certified technologies within the network, and best training practices to improve technology implementation while increasing each participant’s visibility.


For industries

  • Confirmation of product/market fit
  • Improvement of technology based on real world use
  • Evidence gathering
  • Opportunities to demonstrate the technology and sell it within a site and across the Beachhead™ network.

For investors

  • Investment risk control
  • Familiarization with the development and commercialization of medical technologies

For excellence centers

  • Privileged access to the best medical technologies, based on their measured value
  • Strengthening the reputation of the clinical center of excellence for innovation and innovation integration

The Beachhead™ network


o   Center: CHUM

o   Expertise: Artificial intelligence


o   Center: CUSM

o   Expertise: Surgical innovation


o   Center: CHU de Québec-Université Laval

o   Expertise: Customised implants and human performance


o   Center: Douglas / Neuro /

o   Expertise: Neuroscience, neurological diseases and mental health

o   Center : CIUSSS du Nord de l’ïle de Montréal

o   Expertise : Connected Health, Smart Home Care, Chronic Diseases


o   Center: Vancouver General Hospital

o   Expertise: Emergency medicine and artificial intelligence

o   Center : CIUSSS de l’Est de l’ïle de Montréal

o   Expertise : Aging and mental health

o Center: The Ottawa Hospital

o Expertise: Digital Health

o   Centre : Alberta Health Services

o   Expertise : Stroke & neuroinformatics

o   Center : Sheba Medical Center

o   Expertise : Artificial intelligence

o   Center : IHU Strabourg

o   Expertise : Surgery & Simulation

o   Center : Medical Valley EMN

o   Expertise : Access to the European/German market


Discover the  BeachheadTM call for proposals

The call will close on the 15th of November

This call for proposals aims to provide companies with privileged access to validation services in real healthcare settings and support for the generation of marketing evidence according to the methodology developed by the BeachheadTM Network.

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