Montreal, July 20, 2021 – The Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technologies, MEDTEQ+, is proud to announce that more than 100 Impact projects have been funded since its creation in 2013. This achievement reflects the exponential growth of the health technology sector across Canada and makes MEDTEQ+ the most supportive organization for health technology innovation in the country!

While the relevance of MEDTEQ+ is stronger than ever in this period of the pandemic, this new step underlines the efforts made by the MEDTEQ+ teams and made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, to accelerate the development of innovative solutions in Quebec and Canada. These projects at the cutting edge of health technologies are proof of the undeniable growth in this sector, with various themes, including artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, nanotechnologies, optics-photonics, biomaterials, 3D printing, and robotics.

It is a whole collaborative work that has been going on for more than 8 years, with the participation of more than 162 industrial and academic partners around these projects. We can also highlight the exponential increase in collaborative projects of the Impact program, with one or two submissions during the first calls for projects, compared to around twenty per year now. A promising trajectory for the years to come, with MEDTEQ+ accompanying them along the innovation continuum.

The consortium would like to thank the early partners, academics, and industry, as well as the members of the MEDTEQ+ committees, who work tirelessly to ensure the relevance of the selected R&D projects. All are working collaboratively to achieve the 2025 vision of MEDTEQ+ as the hub of Canada’s medical technology sector in terms of research, innovation, and the integration of cutting-edge solutions into healthcare delivery. This vision is made all the more achievable thanks to the continued support of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Quebec ecosystem.

“Life sciences represent one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors of the Quebec economy and research and innovation are among the spearheads of our prosperity. With expert partners like MEDTEQ+, our government is supporting the development of SMEs in the field of medical technologies, which have a real impact on the lives of patients in Quebec and elsewhere,” announced Lucie Lecours, Deputy Minister for the Economy.

“We have participated in the transformation of the medical technology industry and have experienced first-hand the growing passion of industry, academia, and government in their vocation to constantly push back the boundaries of our discipline. World-class innovations, job creation, cutting-edge scientific and clinical solutions, and the next generation of industry and academia: this is the future of health technologies in Quebec and Canada, and we will stand by our members to continue doing what we do best.” said Diane Côté, President and CEO of MEDTEQ+.

“Collaboration is the signature of MEDTEQ+ activities: these 100 projects are the result of active and committed interaction between members of our ecosystem over several years. It is inspiring to see the evolution and impact of these projects, especially on the quality of life of patients. We are also witnessing the transformation of the industry, which is increasingly integrating new specialties such as artificial intelligence, mental health, and prevention. Together, we are going further!” said Jacques Milette, President of the MEDTEQ+ Board of Directors.


About MEDTEQ+ 

The mission of the Pan-Canadian Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technologies (MEDTEQ+) is to accelerate the development of innovative technological solutions to improve the health status and quality of life of patients. MEDTEQ+ supports the validation of these technologies, their integration into the healthcare network, and their local and international outreach by bringing together the complementary skills of industrial and institutional partners and healthcare providers. MEDTEQ+ relies on the financial support of the Government of Quebec, the Government of Canada (through the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program), the private sector, and complementary partners to foster research-industry relationships.




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Director of Communications and Events
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