Program description

Previously known as CECR, the investments program (Invest) offers project financing for collaborative projects sponsored by Canadian health technology SMEs. Collaborative projects, for this program, feature Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 to 9 activities that are outsourced to an academic institution, a government-funded health institution, or public not-for-profit institution. Third party, strategic partners are encouraged to participate within collaborative projects to offset risk and/or cost. 

MEDTEQ is proud to offer project financing to the companies (rather than directly to the project host-institution) via the following financial instruments: 

up to $100K

designed to finance collaborative projects

Convert, KISS & SAFE
up to $200K

designed to finance companies and projects

up to $1M

seeking the next game changers

Terms and conditions

  • The adoption or validation project/pilot must be TRL 6, or above
  • Demonstration of protocol and contract will be required prior to disbursement
  • The use of grants to pay for collaborative projects are encouraged and will not have any bearing on the Investment program amount.

MITACS or RSRI projects are commonly used to help fund projects.

Financial partner