Program description

Regular Call for Projects


The Impact program aims to support the setting up and funding of collaborative research, development and validation of health technologies projects, involving at least one industrial partner and at least one academic (or health network) partner.


Academic (or health network) partners:

  • NPOs carrying out internal R&D activities in Quebec and intervening in the various sectors, niches or sectors of research, innovation, promotion and dissemination of science and technology
  • Institutions in the health and education networks involved in the various niches of research and development
  • Quebec public research institutions

Industrial partners:

  • All projects must include at least one industrial partner with R&D or manufacturing activities in Quebec.

If you do not have a partner meeting these criteria, contact us and we will help you identify them.

Other few criteria to be taken in account:

  • The technologies and applications targeted are in the field of health.
  • One or more industrial partners participate in the co-financing of the project:
    • For projects starting in Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1-3: At least two private partners, including at least one industrial partner.
    • For projects starting in TRL 4-6: minimum an industrial partner
  • All stakeholders (industrial and academic) of the project must be or currently becoming members in good standing with MEDTEQ+


Grant applications will be judged on criteria of relevance, quality and economic, social or technological benefits for Quebec. Those grants can cover up to 40% of the eligible expenses of the academic (or health network) partners involved in the project. Projects may also benefit from complementary funding programs, such as Mitacs, HBHL, TransMedTech Institute, NSERC, foundations, or any other public or the federal government or at the municipal level. Industrial partners must, however, cover at least 20% of the project costs.

The maximum value of the grant is $1.5M per project.

Thematic Call for Projects

Several Thematic Calls for Projects are issued during the year.

When a thematic call for projects is in progress, it will be posted on the program, under the heading “Impact – Thematic Call for Projects” and you will find all the specific modalities of this Call. To be kept informed of the launch of these Calls, subscribe to our newsletter, at the bottom right of this page.

Description of the application process

The role of your Account Manager/Project Manager is to guide you during the development of your grant application. There will be coaching and proofreading provided over several iterations to ensure the strongest possible funding application. Project partners must be members in good standing prior to the first review of the project. The first submission date shown is the date by which you should have completed and submitted a near final project statement, which will be forwarded to the MEDTEQ+ team for internal review and revision. If the project is deemed sufficiently robust, the team will be invited to incorporate the comments made and submit their final, improved version. The final submission date posted is the date by which you should have finalised and sent your project statement signed by all partners. This document will be sent to the MEDTEQ+ Scientific Committee for evaluation.


Funded projects

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