Program description

This personalized support program aims to strengthen medtech SMEs R&D strategy, to increase their competitiveness and facilitate their market entry. The program consists of a bank of 40 hours for each selected company, including 25 hours of expertise and direct coaching, the average duration of the program being 3 months.


  • Support innovation and accompany SMEs all over Canada in the medical technology sector.
  • Identify business opportunities that can generate new revenue over 1, 3 and 5-year horizons.
  • Stimulate product innovations and services associated with specific business models.
  • Capitalize on the MEDTEQ and NRC-IRAP (National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program) network and in synergy with existing accelerators/incubators or any other relevant network support structure.
  • Guide and encourage the development of skills and organizational capacity in innovation management.
  • Accelerate and facilitate SME intermediation to receiving environments, large groups and major international health actors.
  • Catalyze the technological maturation efforts of SMEs.

Program steps

Introduction, preliminary analysis of existing capabilities, needs and strategic priorities (innovation, financing, commercialization, etc.).

Strategic reflection based on the current/desired positioning, implementation of a marketing strategy integrating all related aspects (legal, regulatory, distribution, etc.)

Development of a technical roadmap and a customized action plan prioritizing short, medium and long-term activities needed towards targeted opportunities.

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