Description of the thematic Call for Projects


The Impact program is designed to support the development and funding of collaborative research, development and validation of health technologies. The PARTENAR-IA thematic call for projects is part of the Impact program.

The objectives of this Call are 

  • to improve the competitiveness of companies through the adoption of AI, particularly in sectors where it is still little used, such as the primary and secondary sectors of the economy;
  • to encourage collaborations between companies (of all sizes, including start-ups), as well as with the research and innovation community to accelerate the integration of AI technologies into business and, by extension, society;
  • to support structuring projects aimed at the mass adoption of AI in one or more sectors of the economy;
  • to support the realization of projects leading to significant and immediate economic benefits;
  • to ensure the development and consolidation of innovation efforts in the field of AI;
    Contribute to the positioning of Quebec as a leader in the development of AI.

This Call has 2 components, an Industrial component and an Academic component, whose modalities differ slightly, but which both aim to support collaborative Industry-Research projects that will allow the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Quebec start-ups and/or SMEs.

ComponentApplicant(s) Max. duration Max. financial aidMax.  accumulation of government assistance Max. amount of aid 
AcademicCollaborative research projects with industry  Research center accompanied by minimum 1 SME3 years40 % of eligible expenses60 % of project total expenses$500,000 per project 
Industry –Innovation projects of business consortiums Grouping of companies (minimum 2, including at least one SME) accompanied by each research center 3 years50% of eligible expenses 75% of eligible expenses$150,000 per company $600,000 per project 

Participants eligibility

To be eligible, industrial partners (SME/start-up) must meet the following characteristics:

  • They are legally constituted according to the federal or Quebec laws in force and registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec.
  • They have their head office in Quebec and their employees or subcontractors must work mainly from Quebec.
  • They are not 50% or more owned by other existing companies or organizations.
  • They have 249 employees or less in Québec.
  • They have assets of less than $50 million (including the assets of associated corporations), calculated on a worldwide basis, for its taxation year ending in the calendar year preceding the given calendar year.

If you do not have a partner meeting these criteria, contact us and we will help you identify them. 

Some other criteria to note:

  • The technologies and applications targeted are in the field of health.
  • One or more industrial partners participate in the co-financing of the project.
  • Minimum of two industrial partners and one public research center.
  • All project partners must be or become MEDTEQ+ members in good standing before submitting their application.


These grants can cover up to 40-50% of eligible expenses. Projects may also take advantage of complementary funding programs, for example, from Mitacs, HBHL, TransMedTech Institute, NSERC, foundations or any other public program at the federal or municipal level. The industrial partners must, however, cover at least 25-40% of the project costs.

The maximum value of the grant is $500-600K per project.

Grant applications will be judged on the basis of criteria such as relevance, degree of innovation, commercialization potential, team expertise, number and relevance of partners, the project’s contribution to the wider adoption of AI by the user company, contribution to the development of the next generation, intellectual property protection strategy, benefits for Quebec, etc.


Description of the application process

The role of your Account Manager/Project Manager is to accompany you during the development of your grant application. The first submission date shown is the date by which you should have completed and submitted a near final project statement, which will be forwarded to the MEDTEQ+ team for internal review and revision. If the project is deemed sufficiently robust, the team will be invited to incorporate the comments made and submit their final, improved version. The final submission date posted is the date by which you should have finalised and sent your project statement signed by all partners. This document will be sent to the MEDTEQ+ Scientific Committee for evaluation.



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